In this fast-paced world, we at Samurai are sensitive to forecast the changes in the world, creating unique and exciting projects. Together with borderless capital and diverse stakeholders, which include not only our employees and clients but local communities, volunteers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, social vulnerables, etc., we are committed to lead positive impacts on the global environment, communities, and economies.
We accept every challenge to make a difference and create a world where people lead exciting lives.
We are sensitive to the adverse changes and inefficiencies in our world and we aim to respond to the needs of society in facing such challenges.
We do not fear change but respect lessons of the past, for we value what history has gifted us.
We embrace diversity and view society from a global perspective.
In addition to traditional real estate funds, Samurai focuses on unique funds that are socially and environmentally responsive and relevant, such as the ESG funds that foster proactive renovation and conversion of existing real estate and investment in nursing homes and child care facilities.
We focus on changes in the way people work and live, the evolution of IT, the rising needs of millennials, and in demographics. For Samurai, the sure way is to provide specific solutions for specific needs: shared offices, self storages, and lifestyle hotels. There are excellent opportunities for investments, not only in real estate, but in operating companies with specific skill sets.
We provide consulting services for restructuring of real estate assets and businesses, such as sale and lease back solutions for corporates moving assets off balance sheet, REIT-related M&A, bridge fund set ups, and complex finance arrangements through mezzanine financing.
Samurai’s expertise extends to both inbound and outbound investments. We offer solutions to foreign investors seeking opportunities in the Japanese real estate market, as we equally focus on supporting Japanese investors in their ventures overseas.