Samurai Capital has joined GRESB in 2021.

GRESB is an organization started in 2009 by groups including European major pension funds to increase and maintain the investment value by assessing and improving the sustainability performance in the real estate market globally. GRESB started the benchmark survey in 2010.

Samurai Capital launched an ESG fund inviting a leading ESG investor, Daiichi Life Insurance as an investor in November 2021.
We aim to lead the real estate market in ESG investment.

>Details are followed in “case study”

Samurai Capital Co., Ltd.
Sustainability Initiatives
(Established on January 1st, 2021)
We have been differentiating ourselves through unique investment activities, and been highly evaluated by investors.
Now, we believe that adding the elements of Environment, Society, and Governance(”ESG”)to our unique investment strategies will help further differentiate ourselves and appeal to investors.
We have established the "Sustainability Basic Policy" here, and will put it into practice through our business.
We will strive to have a positive impact on environment and society, and leave a sustainable world for future generations by conducting business activities in line with this policy.
Sustainability Basic Policy
(Samurai Capital’s ESG)

We make sure to check environmental performances of assets and seek for improvements for all investment opportunities.

In addition to mitigating to the climate change, such as promoting efficient energy use and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, we aim to contribute to the sustainable society and coexist with the environment with our motto, "renovate and reuse buildings rather than destroy and rebuild them".

We develop and operate facilities that help bridging tenants and the locals in communities

We aim to foster local communities through our projects focusing on supporting vulnerable groups.
Even in a world where digitalization continues on rapidly, we believe “people to people” connections and communities remain very important.
We believe it applies to relations with stakeholders such as tenants and vendors involved with us Samurai Capital, and last but not least, our employees.
Keeping in mind the idea, "human resources are the core to everything", we focus on all kinds of environmental improvements.
It is also stated in the “Fiduciary Duty Declaration”.

We build and maintain governance system to establish fair corporate
management and be compliant.

As one of the ESG policies, we have set up an ESG committee, which is an independent organization within the company, to evaluate ESG initiatives and to disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner to achieve accountability to our stakeholders.
We also strive to improve transparency by utilizing external evaluation systems such as environmental certification including international standards.

In order to achieve the above, we thrive to make the ESG-friendly asset ratio 50% in our coming portfolio and aim to bring the ratio closer up to 100% in the future.
We promote ESG awareness within the company not only as an organization but also as individuals by having each one of employee sets individual goals related to ESG and evaluates their achievement.
Samurai Capital's Diversity, People and Work Style Initiatives
At Samurai Capital, we believe that people are our greatest asset, and that creativity and entrepreneurship are the foundation of our vitality. In order to maximize it, we focus on improving diversity and working styles, and are working to set goals and regularly review them.


# of Employees* 1)



New Hire


Employees Turnover


Average Age

39.6 years old

Avg. years of employment

3.90 years

Female Employees Ratio



Female Managers Ratio* 2)



Female Board Members Ratio* 3)



# of People with Global Background
(1+ years global experience)



# of Annual Leave Used



# of Family/
Volunteer Leave Used* 4)



# of People with Real Estate Background* 5)



# of People with Finance Background* 5)



# of People with STEM Background* 6)



# of employees with master or doctorate degrees* 6)



# of Certificates* 7)


# of Seminars each Employee Attends



* 1) by end of 2022
* 2) above VP
* 3) above MD
* 4) 5 days maximum
* 5) including double counting
* 6) professional only
* 7) including US CPA

Samurai Capital Co., Ltd. supports "Principles for Customer-Oriented Business Operations" announced by the Financial Services Agency on March 30, 2017.

As a member of mecc,
Samurai Capital participates
in ESG activities with companies
and the government.
“mecc”-Minato Eco-Conscious Consortium, was established by Minato Ward in 2005 as a place where companies, residents and the ward can collaborate, share environmental information and participate in various eco-conscious activities together. Samurai Capital supports and participates in their activities.