ESG Fund

Launch of real estate ESG fund with Daiichi Life and participation in GRESB

With Daiichi Life, one of the largest Japanese life insurance companies and a leading ESG investor, Samurai capital has formed an ESG fund in November 2021. This is almost the first Japanese ESG real estate fund with multiple asset types. We plan to acquire additional properties which meet the ESG requirements and expand the scale to JPY50 billion in three years. Samurai Capital has joined GRESB in 2021 as an asset manager and is planning to join as the fund in 2022. In addition, Daiichi Life plans to select it as a "positive impact real estate investment" with a third-party opinion.
Work/Life styles post COVID-19
Increased demand
for WFH

Residence with telework facilities

Residence with a daycare

Office building with co-working space

COVID-19 conscious

Individual shower and restroom in student housing/co-living

Common open areas for video conference, co-working

Ventilation and sanitation system


Sense of comfortableness with other people

Meditation room, gym

Communication-conscious office

Acquire ESG assets and implement ESG related value ups from both hard and soft perspectives
The facility itself
has ESG features

Daycare, nursing home, other facilities for social vulnerable, such as freelancers, women, students, children, etc

ESG implementation

Implement energy-saving equipment

Acquire environmental performance evalesion

Renovation of old assets

ESG implementation

Use of renewable energy

Contribution to communities

Diversity measures

Participation in GRESB

Fund Overview

Acquiring daycare, student housing and nursery home at the beginning and expanding asset types later

Mostly core type assets with stable income cash flows as we may incorporate them into REITs in the future

Pursuing ESG related value up opportunities, such as energy saving and improvement of environmental performance, as well as acquisition of environmental certifications

Continuously acquiring ESG assets with Daiichi Life to expand this fund, aiming to stay as a leading ESG investor in the market

Student Housing in Mitaka
Daycare in Kita-Shinjuku