Mezzanine Finance to the REIT

Galileo Japan Trust


Deal Overview

Forum Partners provided JPY9.8Bn in the form of Mezzanine Bond (cash coupon 10% + PIK 5%) and JPY1.2Bn in Convertible Bonds (15% PIK with an option to convert into 39% of the interests in the portfolio) to Galileo Japan Trust, an Australia listed property fund (“LPT”)

The rescue financing by Forum Partners was well received by the market. The stock price of Galileo Japan Trust rose 42% the date after the transaction was announced

Samurai Capital engaged to continuously monitor and provide advice for the portfolio

Galileo Japan Trust had survived the financial crisis and after 4 years repaied all the mezzanine financings through equity raising d

Deal Overview

The portfolio comprised of 23 assets located across Japan, including Greater Tokyo, Greater Osaka, Kyushu and Sapporo

A diverse range of asset type including office, retail, residential, hotel and industrial